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About Us | Prompt Solar Panels

Prompt Solar Panels offers solar panel installation services to residential and commercial clients across California and makes solar energy a smooth process for everyone.

No matter the size of your project, we have the right team, know-how and experience to take it to fruition.

Our Mission

Prompt Solar Panels was created with a mission to be a reliable, efficient and professional solar panel installation service that focuses on making clients happy and exceeding expectations.

To make sure every single client is 100% satisfied with the service that we offer, we have created a money back guarantee – it’s simple, effortless and ensures that our clients remain a priority.

Exceeding expectations and offering a great experience to all our clients matters to us, but we don’t just say it, we prove it every single day.

Our Vision

Prompt Solar Panels was created with a simple yet determined vision: to offer high quality installation services that combine fairness, efficiency and professionalism.

This is the vision that has been guiding our work since day one. A vision that we turn into a tangible reality every day when we take projects to completion.

In the future, we want to continue to grow, to cement our reputation and continue to offer a great service to our clients – but our core values will remain unshakable no matter what the years ahead bring.

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